Quality House Public Company Limited has always been committed to the growth of its business while adhering to the standards of ethics and morality. The company realizes the importance of the roles of the directors, the management and all employees. Not only is the company committed to creating added values but also it puts priority on fair treatment of all interested parties.

The company has developed ethical guidelines in the form of the Code of Conduct since 2002. Our strict adherence to the Code of Conduct has been widely accepted.

Because of changes in circumstances, the meeting of the Board of Directors on September 25, 2018 agreed to revise the Code of Conduct so that it would be of international standards and keeping up with the times. The purpose of the revision was for all directors, executives and staff of Quality House Public Company Limited to perform their duties at internationally-accepted standards while adhering to ethical and moral rules.

The company therefore requires that all directors, executives and staff to acknowledge, understand and behave in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated in this Code of Conduct. We have posted this Code of Conduct on various Internet websites both inside and outside the company so that all our people can have an easy access into it and comply with it efficiently. Adherence to this Code of Conduct will certainly help the company achieve its economic goals while upholding the standards of ethics for the benefits of all interested parties.

The details of Code of Conduct are as follows :