Corporate Governance

The Company always aims to develop its business based on the principle of good corporate governance, ethics and morality. Being well aware of how important they are and the preponderance of the roles and responsibilities assumed by the directors, executives and employees in light of business management, the Company therefore is not only committed to creating sustainable, added value to its shareholders, but focuses upon fair treatment to all stakeholders, as well.

The Company has established the guidelines for business operation based on the principle of good corporate governance, ethics and morality in the forms of Good Corporate Governance Policy and Ethical Code of Conducts and thus has remains interminably true to such professionalism. In addition, the Company has also improved and added the Code of Conducts in order to cover various operational guidelines to be on par with international standards in a timely manner. As a result, the conduct of directors, executives, and employees of Quality Houses Plc. will be in compliance with generally accepted standards and based upon appropriate ethics and values. The Board of Directors has approved the latest policy on corporate governance during the Board of Director meeting No.1/2016 held on February 26, 2016.

The aforementioned policy emphasizes on the following issues: the rights of shareholders; equitable treatment to the shareholders; roles of the stakeholders; transparent business operation and good ethical conducts; internal control and risk management; roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, and; disclosure of information to all involved.

The Company has stipulated that all directors, executives and employees must be informed of, understand and strictly adhere to the prescribed corporate policy and code of conducts. The policy on corporate governance and business ethics is presented on the Company’s website, "", to provide additional channels of intelligence for all executives and employees to learn more about the instructions, rules and regulations so that they be able to take actions and eventually achieve the business goals for the benefits of all stakeholders.

The details of corporate governance policy are as follows