Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Shareholders,

For the year 2016, the Company and its subsidiaries had a total revenue of Baht 19,313 million – of which, 93% was generated from the sales of real estate, 6% from rent and service fees of office buildings and hotels and 1% from other income, interest bearing debt to equity ratio of 1.11 times decrease from 1.24 times in 2015 and shareholders’ equity of Baht 22,939 million which increase 6.5%from 2015, the Company and its subsidiaries launched 8 new housing projects worth Baht 9,000 million. At present, the Company and its subsidiaries has 87 housing projects in Bangkok and its greater area, as well as in upcountry with total value of Baht 54,000 million. Through the past 30 years of our operations, the Company has continually focused on developing the quality of residences for both low-rise and high-rise buildings, such as considering high quality construction material, developing new housing concept under energy saving and multi-purpose function, and also emphasizing on after-sale services and safety in the projects.

Additionally, in the past year, the Company issued Baht 6,500 debentures at a tenure of 3 – 5 years with an average interest rate of 2.25% per annum. TRIS had maintain the Company’s credit rating at A- (Stable).

Furthermore, the Company and its subsidiaries will continue to focus on business practices with good corporate governance and transparency so that investors, shareholders, and related parties can monitor and audit our performance. Which, in the past year, the Company received an Excellent rating in corporate governance assessment under the CGR campaign.

Lastly, the Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our customers, shareholders, business partners, debenture holders, banks and financial institutions, employees, and related parties for their ongoing support and for being a part of our continual success. We will continue to focus on governing the Company in order to grow by adhering to principle of honesty, good corporate governance, and ethics for our sustainable growth.

(Mr. Boonsom Lerdhirunwong)
Chairman and Independent Director